Krystal Kara

Written by Matthew Manning


Krystal Kara is not only one of my closest and dearest friends, but also one of the most interesting, humbling and compassionate people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  It is rare that one finds someone so perceptive, naturally empathetic, and passionate.  The first thing I noticed about Krystal was how genuinely tender her heart was for the lives of her fellow citizens.  She has been awakened to the nuanced inequities of this world, as well as fervently invigorated by the active pursuit of parity.  Krystal humbles me time and time again, choosing the path of selflessness, standing up for justice, and often venturing the road less traveled.


Simply put, the world's future depends on individuals like Krystal, who have ungrudgingly taken on its weight, with both grace and candor.  If there's any one interest she carries that matches her passion for social justice, it is her love for and knowledge of the world of comics and superheroes.  It is one of the most salient aspects of her life, translating harmoniously as a metaphor into everything that she does.  Krystal has found purpose in the stories of these complex characters, fighting her way through personal trials much like the characters she loves.  I can think of no one better than she to lead this wonderful organization; she herself, is a superhero.

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